Online Training

If you are interested in training with me from afar I also offer online training.

The essence of what I do is to develop strength and flexibility in a balanced and harmonious way. In a way that aides the person.

The training can either be a stand alone practice or be an adjunct to existing sports or activities. In all depends on the individual.

Initial contact

To enquire about online training simply send me an email at with a few words about yourself and what you are wanting from the online training.

After this we can set up an initial Skype consult. This is a complimentary service. During this consult we will explore and discuss your goals and I will explain the process in more detail.

This way we have a chance to see whether we will work well together and my service aligns with your goals.

The Process

To begin training a short period of testing and assessing is required. 1-2 weeks is sufficient in most cases. We need to go through a detailed training and injury history. To effectively program this preparatory work is essential. The more accurate information is available to begin with the better the outcome will be.

After this is done the program will be made and sent to you. Length of program will vary depending on circumstance.

Staying in Touch

Online training works best if there is ongoing contact and discussion. Weekly feedback is generally a good frequency.

There will be an ongoing exchange of form check videos to make sure the training is on track. For more in depth discussions and questions of a larger importance it is possible to arrange Skype conversations every now and then. It is always possible to send me a message for brief questions or comments.