feather and notebook
The notebook is essential

Welcome to a collection of my writings. Articles and blogs on various training related topics. There is a central place for discussions on Strength, Flexibility and Posture within these pages.

The aim of this project? Answering that age old question what is balanced physical training? Why is it important? … and finally how do we go about doing it in the best way? Hopefully something auspicious will come from this inquiry.

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A Postural Manifesto

The Harmonious Body: Three Pillars of Physical Balance

Just Lift The Damn Thing: The Art of Picking Up Heavy Objects


Musings on a Sled

The Emotional After Effects of Physical Work

Simple Supplementation

In Praise of Front Loading

The T-Bar

Conjugate Harmonious Physical Work

Deliberately Non Optimal

Odd Bed Fellows – A Brief Account on the Origins and History of Exercise